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How Much Does Real HGH Cost?

How Much Does Real HGH Cost

How you choose to treat hormonal deficiency is what determines the results, and making sure to use only genuine HGH is important. Information about how much real HGH costs can be helpful to avoid making a bad purchase. Before a person should even consider treating Adult Growth Hormone Disorder, it is necessary to verify the existence of it. An individual will not know if a hormonal deficiency is causing symptoms he or she may be experiencing such as weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or depression (or any of the other symptoms of a deficiency) without having submitted to a blood test that would confirm it. The symptoms caused by AGHD collectively can be fairly accurately presumed to be just that; however, individually, they can have other root causes. Because maintaining normal body function relies on a precise hormonal balance, a person has to have their blood levels checked before taking HGH. Adding human growth hormone to a body that is not GH deficient will cause problems more severe (and sometimes irreversible) than a deficiency would create. You can’t find out how much does real HGH cost until the tests are administered. Self-diagnosing of any kind is risky; it can add unnecessary stress in the worry it will cause a person, and stress causes medical problems all by itself. Self-medicating will take that bad decision even further. Putting anything in the body, even in matters of food, that the body is not prepared to handle is dangerous. Right now, there are two kinds of HGH on the market: authentic HGH and counterfeit HGH, and then a plethora of HGH substitutes. Real HGH is manufactured in a laboratory, processed with elaborate and costly recombinant DNA technology that results in an injectable medication that is a molecular duplicate of the growth hormone that is created by the human body. There are a limited number of laboratories with the industrial science, equipment, scientific know-how and legal permission to synthesize this medicine that is only available with a prescription. The price of real HGH injections with a prescription can’t be totaled until the full evaluation has been done on the patient, but the prices between the legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers is relative to the cost of creation, and the limited market means there will not be much price differentiation between them. Counterfeit HGH (normally sold from overseas laboratories) is not the exact molecular duplicate of natural growth hormone (it is not created with the same technology), although touted to be because it is “close.” With human growth hormone, there is no such thing as close to; it is either growth hormone or it is not. This fraudulent HGH may contain unknown fillers, which makes them dangerous. Also too, the laboratories they are created in have no regulatory standards to adhere to, resulting in the common problem of a bacterial residue found in these imitations. These drugs are sold illegally on the Internet in what is known as the deep web or black market. Anyone caught purchasing these illicit drugs will incur legal fines and possible imprisonment. These injectable drugs are sold at prices far below the price of real HGH injections with a prescription, but can create added costs in further health and legal issues. HGH substitutes, such as releasers, secretagogues or precursors are sold by non-medical facilities posing as health or nutrition centers. They can be found in the forms of tablets, creams, sublingual drops or nasal sprays, blatantly advertising to be able to promise the same results as real HGH, without the same cost or the need for a prescription. What they advertise is both true and untrue; real HGH injections give all the incredible benefits of physiological, psychological and mental restoration – but these products are not HGH. They do not contain any HGH in them (read the labels; they are a mixture of ingredients that do not include HGH designed to stimulate or boost natural growth hormone secretion) which means they cannot restore health like HGH injections can, and the molecular structure of growth hormone prevents it from being able to be processed into these forms and still be able to retain its potency. The growth hormone molecule is fragile; compounding it into a pill form would damage it (and as a protein, if it were swallowed it could never be effective because the stomach would digest it before it got into the bloodstream). Forcing it through pores in the skin or nasal membranes would also damage the delicate and large molecule. It is because there is no growth hormone in them at all is that they can be sold without a prescription (the fine print on the labeling does concede that there is no growth hormone contained in the product). The biggest selling point they use in advertising is that their cost is similar to that of pricey vitamin programs, making it much cheaper than the average cost of real HGH injections. But in this case, as with so many other things, you will get what you pay for. Only real HGH injections can fully reverse the damage of a growth hormone disorder while at the same time bringing the body back to its normal functional ability. The risks of side effects from genuine GH injections are low. The fact that it’s a duplicate of the body’s own GH, it is accepted by the body as a natural substance—which is not the case for the illicit HGH, that tends to cause rather harsh side effects. The other HGH alternatives without growth hormone in the ingredients cannot fully restore a person’s levels; even if they were able to increase the body’s own secretion of growth hormone, it would not be enough all at once to make any significant changes. When you visit a doctor and get tested for deficiency, he can tell you how much it costs to get prescribed real HGH injections and you can make the decision on what your health is worth to you.

Where Can I Get Real HGH And How Much Does It Cost?

It’s understandable to want to know where can I get real HGH and how much does it cost? But buying HGH is more than just going to a store or online and buying it off of a shelf. It is a prescription medicine that requires blood-validated proof of medical need before it can be given out to anyone, and that clinical need (which will determine how much a dose the patient needs, how strong the dose is to be, and how long the patient will need to take it for) is determined patient-by-patient. Human growth hormone is a polypeptide protein made up of amino acids. All proteins of the body are made up of amino acids, and what makes each protein different from another is the order the amino acids are arranged in. The correct sequencing of these amino acids is very important. When HGH is created with recombinant DNA technology the protein hormone is created as an exact copy of the growth hormone that the body produces (insulin was the first protein that was produced using this type of genetic engineering). This is why HGH injections are called bio-identical, and not synthetic. They are as natural as a lab-created product can be. There aren’t too many pharmaceutical laboratories with the facilities needed to perform this type of engineering. The manufacturers with the legal permission to synthesize this medication are all world-renowned companies with easily recognizable names like Pfizer, Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly, to name a few. But if you contacted any of these companies directly and tried to purchase their products on their website you would be told that the best place to start to find out where you can get real HGH and how much does it cost is through a doctor. The pharmacy covers the production of a legal medicine; it is up to the physician to cover the legal use of it and ensure that only those with clinical need be authorized for HGH use. Kingsberg HRT Clinic will not provide treatment to anyone wishing to use it for the sole purpose of athletic enhancement.

What Is The Cost Of Real Injectable Growth Hormone?

The cost of real injectable growth hormone is determinant of a few factors: the patient’s genetic makeup, past medical history, current physical condition, sex, weight, lifestyle and severity of deficiency. People start off with different chemical balances that change throughout their lives because of environmental factors, family genetics, and lifestyle. While everyone’s body will start producing less and less growth hormone as it gets older, even the speed of the decline is different for each person. Nutritional habits, whether or not the person gets a full 8 hours’ sleep a night, and whether or not he or she gets regular exercise will play a part in how much less growth hormone is produced and how fast this decline happens. Without this prior knowledge, a physician cannot quote what is the cost of real injectable growth hormone. Getting into a hormone replacement therapy program is like going to a tailor to have a new suit made. The tailor has to take all of your measurements so that he knows exactly what size to make the suit so that it fits your body perfectly. HGH therapy is like that, tailored to each person’s own body, after the doctor takes all of the necessary ‘measurements.’

How To Get The Best Price For Real HGH

When it comes to shopping around for how to get the best price for real HGH, the first thing to do is to make sure to go to a legitimate medical facility that follows the full procedures for prescribing the medication. Primary care physicians, endocrinologists and hormone replacement specialists are the best bets. Taking HGH is more than just getting a shot of medicine each day; it is a therapeutic program created specifically for each patient will full medical supervision for the duration of treatment. The three key points of effective treatment are:

  • Proper dosing. This is the number one facet of HGH treatment, the physician’s careful assessment to give just enough that all levels are balanced. Too little is the same as a less-severe deficiency; too much can cause problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, acromegaly and diabetes. It can also permanently prevent the body from producing any more of its own natural growth hormone. This is also the biggest factor in determining the average cost of real HGH injections.
  • Genuine HGH injections. By going to a legitimate medical facility, this will be taken care of by the doctor. The two reasons for side effects from HGH medication is over-dosing (hence, needing a prescribed amount) and phony HGH.
  • Doctor supervision. This ensures that treatment is going as planned and that the body is slowly beginning to revive. This is also how the doctor can monitor the dose amount, to make sure that the expected progress is being made; if it isn’t, he can adjust the dose (adjustments can be made if there seem to be any side effects from the medicine, as well).

There is one more detail in how to get the best price for real HGH: going to a treatment center specializing in HRT therapy. The advantage they have over general practitioners and endocrinologists has to do with the fact that specialists are not responsible for any other medical issues like the other doctors are, which means that they can streamline a procedure plan, making it both time-saving and cost-effective. They can fully utilize the Internet, creating an online medical program that allows for many, small branch clinics across the country; they can limit the amount of in-office visits, and they can offer a more flexible time schedule for treatment and consultations. Because of their larger scale of practice, GPs and endocrinologists, they are unable to tighten procedure practices down, and all consultations must be handled in person in a limited time schedule.

What Are The Real Costs Of Injectable HGH?

The previous paragraphs have addressed the issues about what are the real costs of injectable HGH and how are they assessed. There is a flip side to that cost, and that is what the real cost would be to live with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency:

  • Weight gain that is hard to lose
  • Decreased capacity to exercise
  • Diminished sex drive
  • High  blood pressure
  • Poor cardiac output
  • High cholesterol
  • Flabby muscles
  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain, stiffness and immobility
  • High risk of osteoporosis
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia and other sleep disturbances
  • Depression
  • Loss of mental faculty (memory and comprehension)
  • Impaired vision and hearing
  • Poor skin texture
  • Thinning and graying hair
  • Lack of vitality and enthusiasm
  • Feelings of social isolation

These are many of the symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency. With just a glance at the list it’s easy to see how each of these symptoms could increase some of the others. Think about money that would be spent trying to ease the suffering of each one. The real cost of doctor prescribed HGH is guaranteed to be less than attempting to treat even just a few of these symptoms individually, especially since full treatment will eliminate the problem and not just ease the symptoms of it. Here you have one treatment to get rid of all of these symptoms, as opposed to multiple remedies and procedures that cannot (and that may have to be used indefinitely).

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What Is The Real Cost Of Doctors Prescribed HGH?

To get legitimate HGH therapy, one must go through a doctor. Depending on which type of medical practice you opt to use, whether it be through your own physician or through a hormone replacement center like Kingsberg HRT Clinic, finding out how much it costs to get real HGH from a doctor will not happen until the exact prescription is dispensed according to the results of the laboratory blood testing and physical assessment. There will be a difference in the amount of in-office visits, which will also affect the total cost of treatment. Hormone replacement centers have the edge of being more cost effective by their ability to focus on only one area of practice, a luxury that general practitioners do not have. The best way to find out what is the real cost of doctor prescribed HGH is to call and speak to an advisor at Kingsberg HRT Clinic who can help set you up for the necessary testing. When the doctor receives all of your information (including the medical history form you can fill out here online), he will contact you and discuss all of your treatment options if you qualify, including your choice of medications and injection devices. You do not have to suffer the effects of aging if the symptoms are caused by AGHD. Take back your energy and vitality with hormone replenishment therapy from Kingsberg HRT Clinic.