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Unexplained Symptoms May be Explained After Paying the Cost for an HGH Blood Test

HGH Blood Test Cost

If you have already seen your own physician about a broad range of symptoms you are experiencing and testing has not turned up any concrete answers other than the fact that you are getting on in years, it may be time to go one step further. Those who are concerned that they are dealing with issues that are affecting their lives in some way should now turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialists to inquire about the HGH blood test cost that could provide the answers they are looking for. The reason for this is that a condition known as AGHD (adult growth hormone deficiency) may be the cause of the problems that are present. When this essential chemical that is produced and secreted by the somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland, is no longer available in an amount suitable for all of the body’s needs, a wide range of undesirable changes can occur. These symptoms can interfere with a person’s daily activities and responsibilities. Unfortunately, the answer is not clear-cut without getting an HGH blood test because many of the warning signs of this deficiency overlap other conditions, as well, including the natural aspects of aging. That is why many general practitioners often think that the reason for any noticeable changes is the fact that the patient is getting older. Although, in some cases this might be true, there are many times when low GH levels are the culprit. Since HGH treatment is available for correcting this decline, getting the right diagnosis is crucial to a positive future.

What makes this whole matter even more confusing is that there is no realistic way just to test the blood for growth hormone. This particular substance is secreted in a series of rapid, pulsatile-like bursts that occur at various intervals during day and nighttime hours. As quickly as GH enters the bloodstream, it rushes to its targeted tissues and receptor cells, provides its needed signals, and disappears. That is why doctors check the level of another chemical – Insulin Growth Factor 1 – as the optimal measurement tool. Why IGF-1 to check for HGH? This substance is secreted by the liver in a direct response to the amount of GH that the liver receives. So, when growth hormone levels are low, Insulin Growth Factor 1 will also be equally as low. What is the cost of blood test for IGF-1 if this is the diagnostic panel that is to be used to verify a deficiency? The actual fee for running this test is not set by itself. The doctor will actually run a variety of different lab panels in order to rule out other conditions and deficiencies while checking for hormonal imbalances. This is a must as it is crucial to ensure that the person in question does not have any adverse issues that would affect his or her ability to receive this treatment. It is not recommended for a person dealing with an active cancer diagnosis to receive HGH therapy until permitted by the oncologist treating the issue. The cost of the IGF-1 blood test is included in the entire panel fee and has been pre-arranged by Kingsberg HRT Clinic with a national laboratory chain in order to be affordable for our clients.

Some of the most common symptoms that point to low growth hormone levels are fatigue, sagging skin, weight gain, joint aches and stiffness, hair loss, decreased muscle size and tone, memory issues, poor focus, decreased drive and productivity, poor night vision, high cholesterol, frequent illnesses, low libido, and depression. A person dealing with a number of these concerns may already be spending a small fortune every month trying to find ways of reversing these unwanted changes. It is understandable that he or she would ask how expensive is it to test my blood for HGH levels? The price for this is typically a few hundred dollars, depending upon which panel the doctor feels is necessary to run. In this day and age where medical costs and deductibles can run a person thousands of dollars, we strive to keep our fees as low as possible so that those in need can get the help that is required to restore a feeling of homeostasis – balance – to their lives. This is crucial to ensure proper productivity and performance in all areas of life.

Kingsberg HRT Clinic Offers Affordable HGH Blood Testing Prices for Adults

Adult growth hormone deficiency is nothing to laugh about. It can rob a person of his or her independence by reducing cognitive functions and memory that can lead to dementia. GH decline can lead to osteoporosis and serious fractures that can turn a physically active person into an invalid. Thanks to the affordable HGH blood testing price at Kingsberg HRT Clinic, adults from coast to coast and in all fifty US states can get checked for this reduction in chemical production quickly and easily in order to receive a diagnosis that could impact their lives in ways they never even imagined. If you ever thought that playing golf or traveling the world could not be done in your eighties or nineties, think again. One significant reason why people slow down as they get older is that their bodies no longer make as much growth hormone as they did years earlier. While it may seem natural for changes to occur, and it actually is a regular fact of life that this will happen, the changes are not meant to be detrimental to carrying on a vital existence. Why do some people seem to stay young looking and acting longer than others? Their bodies are probably not dealing with this GH deficiency that would require HGH therapy to be ordered. Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s blood testing price makes getting tested for this condition affordable and simple. The sooner you notice that there are certain symptoms present, the sooner you can give us a call, and we can get you into a local lab to have a sample of your blood drawn and checked.

Because we work with one of the largest laboratory chains in the United States, we can make it convenient for our clients to get this step of the diagnostic process accomplished right away. If you are concerned about where to get tested for HGH levels, have no worries, there is probably a lab close to where you work or live. If there are multiple location options, we will give you all the choices so that you can decide where you would like to go. Our medical advisors take care of setting all appointments in advance in order to reduce the actual wait time at the location. We also send over all required documentation to the lab, so that they are ready for you when you arrive. You only need to show up at the pre-scheduled time and sign in at the front desk. Within a short time, you will be on your way to continue with your day. It is that easy to get tested for HGH levels when you contact our clinic. There are two other things that must also be completed before an actual diagnosis can be made. The first one you can accomplish online with a link provided by our advisor. This will take you to the questionnaire that covers your past and present health issues. It is important to complete this honestly so that the doctor can determine if there are any other reasons for the symptoms you are experiencing. You will also need to have records from a recent physical exam sent to us. If you have not had one in the last few months, now is the time to make that happen.

It takes more than learning what does an HGH blood test cost to get the treatment that you need to put an end to the changes taking place in your body. The hormone replacement specialist will carefully review the findings from the physical examination and the blood analysis, in addition to the information you provide in the questionnaire. All of this is crucial to determining the proper course of action for each individual. HGH therapy is entirely safe when prescribed by a doctor to raise the growth hormone level in the body back to its natural state. If there is no deficiency, there is no reason to use this medication. In fact, raising the level of GH higher than it should be can result in unwanted side effects. That is why getting a blood test for HGH deficiency is crucial before any prescription is ever provided. Knowledgeable and experienced doctors would never attempt to offer this bioidentical medication without first running these panels. To do so would be considered extremely irresponsible, unprofessional, and illegal. The guidelines for testing and HGH treatment must always be followed and are the same for local clinics as well as national hormone replacement centers such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic.

Simple Steps for the Testing of Growth Hormone Blood Levels Offer Big Results

The whole purpose of contacting an HRT clinic is to get answers as to why particular changes have begun to take place in the body. Everyone who calls us is looking for answers. Each person has valid reasons as to why this HGH treatment will be beneficial in his or her life. That is why they ask us how to get tested for blood levels of growth hormone. Some people are looking to improve their physical appearance by increasing collagen levels to smooth and firm their skin. They want thicker, fuller hair, stronger nails, and a trimmer, well-toned physique. Others are concerned that they cannot concentrate at work, are having difficulty remembering important details, and have no energy to make it through the day without dozing off at their desks. These types of concerns can have serious ramifications as they can eventually lead to loss of job and income if productivity is reduced or frequent mistakes are made. When you get blood levels of growth hormone tested for a deficiency, you can help prevent these types of problems from occurring. Although it might seem drastic to say that a person with this chemical decline may lose his or her job, please understand that in extreme cases, fatigue and memory impairment can become so severe that this can happen and that the person involved may not even understand why this is occurring in his or her life. That is why HGH treatment goes much further than skin deep. It affects a person physically, physiologically, psychologically, and emotionally. Dealing with these changes can impact one’s mood and easily lead to depression.

The first step required by someone looking to learn how to test blood for IGF-1 decline is obviously contacting a doctor who specializes in HGH hormone replacement therapy. During the initial consultation, all current symptoms will be discussed. This is also an ideal time to mention any past and present medical issues that may impact this situation. Even though this information will be listed in the questionnaire, it is also an excellent idea to mention it right away. Always remember, if you are not sure if something is important to discuss, bring it up and speak out just in case. That way you are covering every angle of the situation. The advisor will then schedule your general and IGF-1 blood test appointment for first thing on the morning you choose that will best suit your schedule. This is done in the morning since you will be fasting – which means nothing to eat or drink after midnight on the evening before the test. It is all right if you need to have a little water – that will not affect the results in any way.

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Symptoms Could be Due to Low T or GH Deficiency – Blood Test Results will Provide Answers

Any symptoms that are present could be due to a number of different factors, including inflammation, anemia, Low T (testosterone decline), growth hormone deficiency, or any of a number of other medical conditions. That is why the doctor will run a variety of lab panels to rule out other issues before prescribing HGH therapy. How much does it cost to test my blood for HGH and testosterone levels, in addition to all of these other tests? Depending on which of the panels it is determined an individual needs, as mentioned earlier the fee is typically only a few hundred dollars. During the initial consultation with the medical advisor, this will be covered in detail. Since many of the signs of Low T and GH deficiency do overlap one another, it is crucial to determine which particular issue is causing the concern. There are times when a combination approach to treatment is required because a person is diagnosed with both types of chemical imbalance in his or her body. Aside from the affordable prices for growth hormone and testosterone blood testing in US, Kingsberg HRT Clinic also offers an extensive range of options for treatment. Our goal is always to provide the highest level of customer service while still offering affordable options to correct these imbalances.