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What is the Average Monthly Cost of HGH Injection Therapy?

Average Monthly Cost Of HGH

When naturally produced growth hormone declines, people have less energy, feel weaker, have trouble sleeping, cognitive functions, and psychological problems like depression can begin. With HGH replenishment therapy, by raising the levels of HGH in the body back to what they had been previously, these issues will reverse, and the body will be able to function normally. Human growth hormone is important in the overall body’s cellular regeneration, muscle growth, longevity and wellness. Since everyone’s chemical balance is different, the average monthly cost of HGH cannot be tallied until all of the patient information is given to the doctor, starting first with the blood sample that measures the available presence of natural growth hormone. Treatment with HGH is patient-specific, and the details of the prescription need to be available first. After the amount of medication needed and recommended length of treatment is set, the medication will be chosen. Despite the abundance of a large number of human growth hormone products being sold as dietary supplements, medical science has proven that the only way to achieve the total benefits of HRT therapy is by using authentic human growth hormone injections. The other products contain no human growth hormone in them nor can they prove the benefits they promise. There is a reason that children seem to bounce back from illness and broken bones faster than grown-ups. They also managed to avoid getting sick as often as adults do. This is due to the bolstered immunity they how do to a higher level of production of growth hormone. More HGH in the body means more cells are being regenerated, including the newer white cells and red cells (the antibodies) needed to allow the body to fight disease. The cellular regeneration from HGH restores the low levels of extracellular fluid, including collagen, which reduces wrinkles and restores elasticity in skin. Too much weight on the body can have negative side effects including increased risk for heart disease diabetes scratch diabetes, diabetes and cancer. The brain cell growth that is stimulated by HGH promotes the rejuvenation of cognitive and mental function, and enhancing comprehension, learning, intelligence, short and long-term memory, and other brain function activities. When considering all that growth hormone can do, and the scope of its benefits throughout the body, it can be more easily understood why the average monthly cost of HGH growth hormone therapy is not the same for everyone.

Average Monthly Cost Of Growth Hormone Therapy In US

The only way to achieve the real benefits of hormone replacement therapy is with HGH injections. HGH dietary supplements can help somewhat, but a deficiency cannot be reversed without full replenishment, which can only be accomplished with a full hormone replacement therapy program using authentic HGH injections. All medical treatments have some type of cost attached to them. Growth hormone replacement therapy is no exception. The average monthly cost of growth hormone therapy in US is multifactorial. Hormone replacement therapy is a full therapeutic program, and some of the costs involved the medication, backspace (the brand and device used), the length of time the medication is to be taken, physician supervision, initial blood tests and physical examinations to fulfill prescriptive requirements, and any follow-up testing that is needed during treatment. Until all of the details are known, there is no way to assign a set cost. However, whatever the cost is determined to be for each individual, patients who have been through a hormone replacement therapy program say it is worth every penny and wish they had done it sooner. The creation process for recombinant human growth hormone is not inexpensive, however there is no way to put a price on the benefits. If a growth hormone deficiency has removed enjoyment and independence from a person’s life, regaining that vitality is priceless. There are also the obvious factors to consider: correcting the symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency prevent the need to purchase any other goods, products, or services aimed at alleviating the symptoms of the deficiency. Once the deficiency is corrected, there will be no need for specialty hair products, expensive skin treatments, diet aids and surgeries, over-the-counter pain medicines, even prescription medicines for depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The overall wellness achieved by replenishing the necessary amounts of human growth hormone prevents multiple trips to the Doctor, keep the immune system bolstered, and shorten healing time in the event of illness or injury. Even psychotherapy and marriage counseling could be rendered unnecessary if the psychological issues were caused by a growth hormone deficiency, or the marital problems stemmed from either or both sexual dysfunction and the mood swings of AGHD. If cognitive function declines, and memory is hampered, a job could be affected; this interferes with income, especially if the GH deficient adults is replaced in the job by younger individual. That is a double whammy of a loss of income, as well as a loss of confidence and self-worth. Human growth hormone’s affect throughout the entire system is never fully realized – in spite of symptoms of deficiency – until the deficiency is corrected and the patient realizes the negative changes his or her body had gone through by the simple correcting of the problem. Loss of function, loss of mobility, loss of enthusiasm … It all happens so gradually that it is really hard to tell how bad it is until the problem has been taking care of. Correcting a hormone deficiency is a proactive step in helping to ensure future health.

How Much Does HGH Therapy Cost Per Month?

When taking HGH, always follow the dosage instructions. Self-prescribing or administering is never recommended because there are no such things as general dosage guidelines, which is why an answer of the average monthly price for legally prescribed HGH therapy cannot be given up front. Human growth hormone is prescribed after careful assessment of the person’s blood and body chemistry by a physician whose goal is to prescribe a dosage amount that matches each individual’s deficiency. Taking too little is, in effect the same as having a deficiency, and taking too much can cause unhealthy and sometimes irreparable side effects. This is a prescription medication which must be used – both illegal and safety reasons – under a doctor’s supervision. Another key point in HGH therapy is that the medication used is only the bio-identical, injectable somatropin HGH. None of the confirmed benefits of injectable HGH have been objectively measured with other products purported to be HGH such as topical creams, tablets and pills, sublingual drops and nasal sprays. The large 191 amino acid sequence polypeptide hormone HGH has an exact sequence and a required three-dimensional shape. To accurately assemble human growth hormone a laboratory must use specific and supervised recombinant DNA technology (patented by large pharmaceutical manufacturers and regulated by the federal government) to create the HGH molecule that is an exact replica of that which is produced naturally in the body (this is the meaning behind the term bio identical). The size of the HGH protein molecule is unable to penetrate intact membranes, such as the skin or nasal membranes, to any significant degree or without suffering damage that will cause it to lose potency, negating the efficacy of nasal sprays, topical creams or sublingual drops. Insulin is only half the size of human growth hormone and for the same reasons, cannot be absorbed in other manners. Both molecules have similar type and construction, but people are not scouring the Internet for cheap imitation or substitute the way they are doing with human growth hormone, because injectable insulin is an accepted medication for a health issue and most people are unaware that HGH is also a medication for a clinical condition, as opposed to the latest and greatest vanity drug. When one of our clinical advisors is asked, how much does HGH treatment cost monthly at Kingsberg HRT Clinic? They inform the individual of the differences between genuine and phony human growth hormone, explain the expensive procedure used to create the medicine to establish a ballpark figure, and then detail why prescriptions must be individualized to each patient.

The Problem With Illegal Or Counterfeit Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is a natural way of regulating growth, fat metabolism and sugar levels. It works in conjunction with collagen to maintain skin and muscle composition. Human growth hormone treatments are only legal when they are prescribed by a physician. It is illegal to dispense HGH for recreational, off label, or any other use than medicinal use. So-called HGH supplements are available over-the-counter, although there is no human growth hormone in them. Some side effects that are the result of HGH mistreatment are:

  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • pain in muscles, joints and bones
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • hypertension
  • cardiac deficiency
  • accelerated osteoarthritis
  • acromegaly (abnormal growth of organs and bones)
  • suppression of natural GH production
  • metabolic dysfunction

Human growth hormone cannot be purchased without a valid prescription from a physician. A legitimate healthcare professional would not ever advise its use as a performance enhancing stimulant. A business that can answer immediately the question what is the monthly price for growth hormone injections without doing any testing on the patient’s blood to see if the person is clinically deficient is not a real medical establishment and should be avoided at all costs. This type of company, with its static dosing, opens the door for the type of misuse that would cause the above symptoms, if they were actually selling HGH. There are some companies that sell counterfeit HGH or growth hormone that is created overseas—these are the most dangerous. They are injectable medications that are closer to HGH than the vitamin supplements are, but they are not made to government specifications. One particular counterfeit brand is called Somatrem; it is a 192 amino acid peptide (instead of the real HGH’s 191 amino acid chain) and that seemingly small difference has led to many documented problems with its users. A business selling this drug has a set price on it and doses it based on the user’s weight—which is not enough information for correct dosing. When a company can answer over the phone or state on its webpage the monthly cost of taking injectable HGH without any real patient information is not running a medical facility. HGH should only be purchased with the proper authorization (based on the proper testing) from a medical facility.

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What Is The Average Monthly Cost Of Growth Hormone And Testosterone Therapy?

Sometimes, it is the doctor may feel it is necessary to prescribe a combination treatment of testosterone and growth hormone together. It does all depend on the need of the individual, and the blood measurements of each. Determining what is the average monthly cost of growth hormone and testosterone therapy is the same as determining just the cost of a monthly HGH regimen; it cannot be figured out until the patient’s unique prescription is created, and for the same reasons: precise hormonal balance. Women more readily understand the necessity for hormone balancing, having had to deal with the constant fluctuation for most of their adult lives. They know the havoc an imbalance can wreak, whatever the hormone; growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen. Too much of any is dangerous. Too much HGH can prevent the body’s ability from producing its own; too much testosterone can make a man infertile and can cause ‘manly’ characteristics (abnormal body hair, for example)—and these particular side effects are not reversible. The only way to get a legitimate quote of what the monthly cost of growth hormone treatment would be is to get the diagnostic testing done that determines whether or not you are medically deficient and helps the doctor to customize a prescription that will fill your needs specifically that will include the length of your treatment cycle. The doctor will then help you decide which brand you may want to go with (it may depend on the administration device that you feel would be supportive of your lifestyle). After all the details of the prescription are worked out, you will find out your own average monthly cost of HGH therapy.