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Administering HGH Injections

Administering HGH Injections

As with any prescribed medication, instructions for use will be provided by the physician or medical advisor in charge, this includes administering HGH injections. Self-injection can be daunting for some, however, the major pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of injection devices designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. The needles used are the smallest available (the same sizes used for daily insulin injections); some of the devices offer a hidden needle feature that makes it easier for the squeamish; some of them are on a mechanical device, and the needle is inserted into the skin simultaneously with the injection of the medication all done at the press of a button. A few of the devices offer a cartridge mixing system to make even the reconstitution of the medication simple. One device is even needle free, and works by forcing the medication through a tiny hole in the skin. Whichever device is chosen, be it an easily portable pen device or the traditional syringe, instructions for administering HGH injections are included in each kit along with comprehensive video instructions and personal follow up by Kingsberg HRT Clinic’s professional staff. Each device has its own method for measuring the dosage amount and can be set easily. Remember, use only the amount the doctor prescribed as this has been determined by the evaluation of blood test and physical exam results, and never make changes in the dosage amount without the authorized changes in the prescription.

How To Administer HGH Injections

The prescribing physicians will always instruct their patients on how to administer HGH injections. While the procedure is basically standard, there are differing devices for injection that require a little more information on how to use. There is not much difference between them, however the idea of self-injection can be a little daunting, and the use of a device never seen before may add a little extra confusion. When the medications and the devices are shipped, there are written instructions included for both mixing the medication as well as the proper care and use of each device. The reason for the different devices are to allow the patients an added level of comfort and convenience. For the people that are afraid of needles that may shy away from the idea of using a traditional syringe, there are some devices that hide the needle during the injection process so one doesn’t have to see it. Another device is auto mechanical (battery-operated) and, with the press of a button, injects the medication as the needle is inserted. Another device is actually needle-less and pushes the medication through tiny hole in the skin. With regard to convenience some devices, like the pen devices, are little bit more portable than others. For patients who travel a lot, there is even one that does not require as strict a refrigeration schedule for the medication as others. Each device has some way to measure the dosage of HGH injections as well as a feature that allows the dose to be adjusted, if needed. The only person qualified to make an adjustment in the dosage amount is the prescribing physician. The physician will help the patient decide which device is best. All of the devices use the smallest needle possible; the same size needle that insulin users use for their own daily injections. Instructions for reconstituting the medication and its refrigeration needs will be included in the directions on how to properly administer HGH growth hormone injections.

Mixing And Injecting HGH Growth Hormone

Mixing and injecting HGH growth hormone is a fairly simple process. Like learning how to do anything, it can take a little bit of time to get used to it and be comfortable with it. The caring staff at Kingsberg HRT Clinic are aware of this and are more than happy to help each patient understand and learn the process. Reconstituting, or mixing, the medicine is required because the molecules of HGH are delicate and to avoid damaging the molecule the medication is sent in the form of a lyophilized—freeze-dried—powder. The diluent for mixing is a bacteriostatic water (a sterile water that contains agents that inhibits the growth or multiplication of bacteria), included in the kit. If the traditional vial and syringe method of administration is chosen, a syringe for injecting and a syringe for mixing will be included in the kit. The auto mechanical and the pen devices use cartridges that have dual chambers in them, on one side the lyophilized powder and on the other bacteriostatic water; mixing occurs when the cartridge is put into the device and the chamber with the diluent is punctured and the fluid is forced into the chamber with the freeze-dried medication. Each device is operated with one hand to allow the other hand free to hold the skin ready. Injection locations are usually on the areas of the body where there is the most fat (normally the belly, thighs and buttocks area), and injection sites are rotated to prevent irritation and hardening of the skin. The doctor can provide more detailed instructions when a specific device is chosen. Most patients find that after the first or second time, mixing and injecting HGH growth hormone is not hard at all.

How To Mix And Inject HGH Injections

Here is some basic information about how to mix and inject HGH injections. Because of the delicate nature of the HGH molecule, it cannot be shipped while in the active medication form, and must be shipped in the form of a lyophilized (freeze dried) powder so that it will not get damaged during shipping. Also, once the medication is reconstituted, it must be refrigerated. Shipping it in the form of a powder eliminates both those concerns. Also included in the shipment will be a diluent (mixing ingredient) of bacteriostatic water. Bacteriostatic means that it is sterile and will resists the growth or multiplication of bacteria. The devices that are used for HGH injection use one of either two methods of mixing the medication: one is the basic vial kit, with one vial of powder HGH and the other of the diluent; the other are dual-chambered cartridges that have premeasured amounts of powder and bacteriostatic water in them. How to prepare and inject HGH with the syringe and vial kit is as follows: The vial kit includes two syringes, one for injection and one for adding the diluent to the lyophilized powder.  For that system, the second syringe is injected into the vial of the diluent to draw up the diluent into it; then that filled syringe is injected carefully into the vial of medication powder slowly. To get the powder to dissolve, the vial is then rolled gently between the thumb and forefinger—never shaken. Once the powder is fully dissolved, and the solution is clear and colorless (with nothing floating in it), the injection syringe is loaded by sticking the needle into the vial and pulling back on the plunger to draw the medication into the syringe, using the dose measurements as guidelines. Make sure the surface of the skin where the injection is to be done is clean. Once the medication is in the syringe, with one hand hold the syringe between the forefinger and index finger, leaving the thumb free to push the plunger. With the other hand, pinch a section of skin between the thumb and forefinger. Fully insert the needle into that section of skin at a 35-40 degree angle, then slowly push in the plunger to inject the medication. Because needles are considered a biohazard, they must be disposed of properly (ask your physician about Sharps containers to use to discard used needles). How to prepare and inject HGH when using a cartridge device: the dual chambers in the cartridges are set to mix when injected into the device, when the contents of the chamber containing the diluent gets punctured and pushed up into the chamber containing the powder. Roll the device between the fingers—do not shake. Follow what the doctor said about injection with that specific device, or read the enclosed instructions for more detailed direction on how to mix and inject HGH injections with that device.

How To Safely Inject HGH Human Growth Hormone

When learning how to safely inject HGH human growth hormone, here are a few basics:

  • Wash hands before handling medication and injection device.
  • Make sure skin is clean at area of injection.
  • Use an area of the body that has more fat, like the upper belly, thighs, or buttocks (this will ease the amount of pain felt).
  • Rotate injection sites to avoid unpleasant skin irritation.
  • Never shake the medication—this will damage the molecules.
  • Never use the medication past its expiration date; it loses potency.
  • Do no leave the medication unrefrigerated; it will lose its stability.
  • Do not expose the medication to extreme temperatures.
  • Keep the needles clean; dispose of them properly.

Each shipment of medication and devices will include specific procedures for how to safely inject HGH human growth hormone. There is a small learning curve involved in self-injection. Remember to have patience and know that it can be mastered in a short period of time, usually after the first few injections. Kingsberg HRT Clinic offers videos of live demonstrations of self-administering the injections. If a patient is still leery, he or she can call one of the Kingsberg advisors for verbal help while performing the injection.

Why Does HGH Injections Have To Be Refrigerated?

The directions for care and use of each device and the medication should always be followed. Why does HGH injections have to be refrigerated? The HGH molecule is fragile. It is shipped in freeze-dried powder form to prevent damage that can be caused by even shaking (when reconstituting the medicine it is mixed by rolling the vial or the device with the cartridge in it carefully between the thumb and forefinger—not shaken). Extreme heat can damage the molecule as well. It must be refrigerated after mixing to keep its stability and not lose any bioactivity. It is allowable for the mixed solution to be out of the refrigerator for only up to twelve hours. The shelf life of the solution once it has been mixed is three weeks; after that the medicine will lose its potency. It is not uncommon for some medications to need refrigeration (Amoxicillin is another drug that needs to be kept refrigerated) so that the drug isn’t damage and make the patient sicker. Always follow medication protocol to avoid ruining a medication’s efficacy. If more information is needed about why does HGH injections have to be refrigerated? Refer to the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the medication’s website. For safe and effective medication, certain rules must be adhered to regarding the storage of the medication. When it comes to HGH, refrigeration and not shaking the medication are two of the main ones.

Doctors Who Administer HGH Growth Hormone

Doctors who administer HGH growth hormone can be found easily on the internet. It is always preferred to see a specialist, one who has the experience and knowledge of working with hormones and hormone replacement. A general practitioner is authorized to prescribe the medication, but oftentimes does not have the full experience a specialist would have. General practitioners are bombarded on a daily basis with information of new technologies, studies and medications and do not have the time to become deeply established with any of them. Because of this, some are even hesitant to prescribe HGH; some do not want to deal with hormone replacement therapy at all and will instead refer their patients to an endocrinologist for treatment. HRT clinics, like Kingsberg HRT Clinic, make the process easy. There are no extra doctor referrals needed and no multiple in-office visits are necessary. There will be no need to rearrange a hectic schedule. The majority of communication and consultation will be handled over the phone or online. We will refer our patients to a clinic local to them for a one-time visit to accommodate the need for the blood evaluation and physical exam. The medical history form is filled out online, the doctor’s consultation and prescription recommendation are handled over the phone, and the updates of treatment are conduction via email or telephone. Our doctors who administer HGH growth hormone are experts, fully trained in hormone replacement therapy.

When Is The Best Time To Administer HGH Injections?

Another question involved in self-administering HGH is, when is the best time to administer HGH injections? Because bio-available HGH is secreted in the body in bursts, and that the largest amount is produced during the periods of slow-wave (deepest) periods of sleep, it is usually recommended that the injections be done first thing in the morning. Bio-identical (injectable) HGH is usually absorbed and activated in the body within three hours of administration. Timing the injections this way keep the levels consistent in the body throughout the day, rather than blitzing the body all at once, by administering it during peak production time. The longer it remains consistently in the bloodstream, the more effective it will be through the day. The sleep schedule of the person may affect his or hers own body-timing of natural production as well, and sometimes the doctor may recommend injections be given just before bedtime. Some companies suggest a split dose, once at night and once in the morning, using a mathematical strategy to try to keep HGH active in the blood stream for longer, more consistent periods of time. For a specific answer to, when is the best time to administer HGH injections, get instructions from the prescribing doctor.

How To Self-Administer HGH Injections

The process how to self-administer HGH injections is pretty standard. However, there are small differences between the devices offered for use in self-injection. Some of the major brands and devices offered through Kingsberg HRT Clinic:

  • Novo Nordisk’s Norditropin. Vial kits or two forms of pen devices: the Nordiflex and FlexPro. The FlexPro is designed to be ergonomic; the Nordiflex allows for larger doses.
  • Sandoz, Inc.’s Omnitrope. Syringe and vial kit or the Omnitrope Pen in two strength sizes.
  • Pfizer’s Genotropin. Syringe and vial kit, reusable injection pen, the Miniquick disposable pen, and the Mixer, which is a mixing and storage device.
  • Merck-Serono’s Saizen. Vial and syringe kit, Cool.click2 needleless pen device, and their Easypod, a computerized tool for delivering the medication.
  • Eli Lilly’s Humatrope. Vial and syringe, or their HumatroPen pen device.

How to self-administer HGH injections varies only slightly with each device. The doctor will provide oral and written instructions, and have videos showing actual people administering their own medications to make the learning process easier. Kingsberg HRT Clinic staff are also reachable by telephone if there are any questions during the process, or if verbal supervision and direction is requested.

Properly Administer HGH Growth Hormone Injections

When instructions are given to properly administer growth hormone injections, the first rule of “proper” administration is, first and foremost, using the correct dosage. Injection devices all have a method of measuring the amount of medication being injected. The amount the doctor prescribed is the amount that should always be administered. Never make changes to the dosage without the doctor’s order. This is key to effective, and safe, treatment. The prescription written is assessed on the patient’s body’s requirements for replenishment based on that person’s own body. Changing the dose in any way affects how effective treatment will be. Injecting more medication than one needs is a recipe for disaster, in the form of adverse side effects and the possible worsening of health. The dosage of HGH injections is special to each patient’s body chemistry. The doctor prescribed an exact amount that will be the most helpful to that patient’s health. Take the amount of medication the doctor has prescribed for the length of time that it was prescribed for. Kingsberg HRT Clinic and their staff take pride in the knowledge and experience they’ve amassed over the years, and the health of their patients comes first. It is the caring environment they provide and careful supervision of all aspects of treatment that make them the number one choice for hormone replacement therapy.

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