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Where to get HGH injections

Here in the United States, we have the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA. They are our watchdogs, our protectors, and our safeguard against practices which could harm our health. The FDA has the responsibility to promote and protect the public health by regulating and supervising prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), along with a host of other things. The FDA regulates just about all the facets of prescription drugs like human growth hormone injections, from testing and manufacturing, to labeling, advertising, and marketing. The FDA is concerned if a medicine is effective and if it is safe. They have a set of published standards which they enforce for the most part by inspecting the pharmacies or facilities where the medications are produced. Staying with US-based pharmacies is the safest decision in deciding where to get HGH injections.

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I recently read a story of two pharmacies in China. They had similar names, and since the characters of that alphabet are unfamiliar to most Americans, we have a hard time discerning which is which. We all enjoy a good deal and search for where to get HGH Injections at the best price possible. Well one of these pharmacies was known to be ethical and produced a good product. The other was the exact opposite. Unfortunately, when medication was shipped from these pharmacies to people in the US, regulators screening incoming medications confused their names and didn’t know which pharmacy was supplying the medicine. In the case of one HGH shipment, the vial from the bad pharmacy contained traces of rat poison, and the results were fatal. That’s the chance you take when you buy medications from foreign countries … you just never know what you’re getting.

It is true … hormone replacement therapy has become big business, and with the lure of cheaper labor and production costs in other countries, our HRT market is flooded with products from India, Canada, Australia, Mexico and China. This is one of those times when saving a buck is definitely not worth it. Not knowing what is in the medication you buy from those countries is only one side of the problem. Injectable HGH (along with the often-prescribed injectable testosterone) is a prescription medication. It requires a doctor’s examination and laboratory blood tests so the doctor can test your level of deficiency. While replacing low HGH levels (and low testosterone levels) is an enormous benefit to the body, taking injectable HGH to increase growth hormone above normal recommended levels is not healthy and can be quite harmful. Taking testosterone injections without a doctor’s prescription is equally as dangerous. Knowing where to get HGH Injections, means going with a doctor who specializes in HGH therapy who can monitor your progress and be sure you are on the right track.

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for HGH treatment. It has made a huge difference in how I feel. I’ve trimmed off excess weight without even trying. I’m more toned than I use to be. My friends have actually asked what I did to look so much younger. I love how my skin looks now. I also take Sermorelin along with my HGH injections since it helps my body produce growth hormone on its own. I like knowing that I’m getting healthier every day. Aging isn’t such a bad thing once you know where to get HGH injections and how to use them.

JoAnne Warren
Los Angeles CA

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