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Discover 6 Ways How to Increase Testosterone Naturally for Improved Health

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Maintaining a healthy supply of testosterone is essential for men and women – and not just to keep your sex life going strong. Testosterone is crucial for your well-being as it maintains bone and muscle structure, brain functions and memory, proper cholesterol and triglyceride levels, cardiac health, blood sugar levels, and more. That is why learning how to increase testosterone naturally is important for everyone.

Men begin to see a decline in testosterone production around the age of thirty, and it just continues to worsen with each passing year. Women often notice a significant drop around menopause, but it can happen earlier – especially for those individuals who are overweight. It is never too soon to begin to increase testosterone naturally. The sooner you start, the better chance you will have of avoiding unwanted symptoms of Low T.

As you get older, you can increase testosterone naturally after 30 by engaging in the following 6 ways:

  1. Get plenty of sleep – that does not mean spending 12 hours in bed on the weekend to make up for 5 or 6 hours a night during the week. Your body needs 7 to 9 hours (no more – no less) each night for proper testosterone production.
  2. Engage in the right type of exercise – working out the large muscle groups with exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and other strength-training exercises a few times a week is ideal for increasing testosterone secretion.
  3. Lose that belly – excess weight is a testosterone zapper, so lose weight to increase testosterone.
  4. Intermittent fasting – not only will this help you lose weight, but it will also boost the hormones that help prevent overeating while stimulating testosterone production.
  5. Take zinc and vitamin D – these are two of the best supplements for helping increase the secretion of testosterone.
  6. Testosterone replacement therapy – natural testosterone treatments can safely increase testosterone levels in the bloodstream for proper functions.

Impact of Food on Testosterone Production

What you eat can help or hinder your goal of maintaining a healthy supply of testosterone in the body.

By learning how to increase testosterone naturally by food intake you can make a difference in how your body looks and feels.

Not only will testosterone production climb, but you will also notice that you will look and feel better as the right foods will help you lose weight, improve your skin tone and hair shine, and provide additional energy to power your body.

Here are the best ways for how to increase testosterone levels naturally with food:

  • Consume more of these foods each day:
    • Oysters and shellfish
    • Tuna
    • Pomegranate
    • Dark, raw chocolate
    • Coconut and extra virgin olive oil
    • Avocados
    • Eggs
    • Nuts
    • Grassfed butter
    • Honey
    • Grapes
    • Pineapple
    • Grassfed beef (red meat no more than 3 times a week)
  • Avoid these foods:
    • Sugar
    • Greasy, fried foods

Best Ways to Increase Testosterone in Females

It is crucial that women keep testosterone levels high throughout life to protect their bones from weakening. Testosterone undergoes conversion into estradiol, a necessary form of estrogen that the body needs. That is why understanding how to increase testosterone naturally in females is even more important.

The foods and lifestyle changes already listed are crucial to keeping testosterone production high. Reducing your stress impact is important because when you are stressed, your body increases cortisol secretion which inhibits testosterone production. Elevated cortisol levels are also behind increased hunger and food consumption that can lead to the weight gain that lowers testosterone levels.

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How Men Can Increase Testosterone Production

Weight training is one of the best ways for how to increase testosterone naturally. Men’s health relies on testosterone as the primary androgen hormone in the male body. High-intensity interval training is another excellent method of increasing testosterone production.

Research has also shown that consumption of branch chain amino acids (BCAA) is ideal for boosting testosterone levels. Whey protein and high-quality cheeses are excellent sources of BCAAs.

Another method of how to increase testosterone naturally in males is with the following supplements:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Ashwagandha
  • Ginger
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Fenugreek
  • DHEA

To learn more about increasing testosterone levels naturally, or to find out how to use testosterone replacement therapy once Low T symptoms appear, please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for a free consultation with a clinical advisor.