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Testosterone Therapy vs HGH Therapy

Testosterone Therapy vs HGH Therapy

Multiple studies on testosterone therapy vs HGH therapy have proven time and again the positive efficacy of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for people who are coping with a GH deficiency. When literary works such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a peer reviewed journal that comes out weekly by the American Medical Association shares information, people listen. Blood work to test for IGF – 1 levels is the way that doctors will be capable to determine if treatment will help ranges balance and eliminate the symptoms caused by the problem. All people will lose these chemical compounds in the body since the pituitary gland inevitably slows with age, but all people differ in the kinds of symptoms they experience and to what degree or severity they affect mind and body. Those who are lucky will grow old gracefully, as they say, but unfortunately for others, ailments can become so severe that they alter life terribly. The good news gloats that there is treatment available – and this treatment works, according to JAMA. The key is to become informed as to the benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy as well as GH therapy and which doctors and clinics are reputable and honest vs those that are not. These answers come with much research and due diligence when seeking out an HRT program. The chief word is “program.” A doctor should never solely give out injections without a tailor made plan and medical supervision combined with an education on positive lifestyle habits. These are all elements that go into what a good and successful “program” protocol will be. People need to acquire knowledge on how to treat their bodies on every day with plenty of sleep, eating nutritious choices, exercising appropriately, keeping stress down and never smoking. In addition, alcoholic consumption should remain at a moderate level. Testing is exactly how to know if you need testosterone therapy or if HGH is what will be required instead. Only a physician who knows their patient’s body chemistry from their blood work and their current and past medical history will give them enough information to tell exactly what a client will need to get the results they desire.

What’s The Difference Between HGH And Testosterone

A body will eventually deplete itself of its growth hormones as this is an inevitable part of aging. What’s the difference between HGH and testosterone? HGH and testosterone are both fundamental chemical compounds within the human body. Women are inclined to have less testosterone then do men, but they must have some in order for their bodies to perform at optimal levels; just like men have the primary female hormone, estrogen in low amounts. Testosterone and human growth hormones perform two entirely distinct functions and operate in uniquely different ways. However, when taken together, they can perform wonderfully to help people to get remarkable HRT results. The two chemical compounds together have a synergistic effect on the body and as long as they are given under medical supervision from a prescribing doctor, all should go well. These chemicals have been called healing agents. In other words, once the body is at rest after a long day of hard activity or work, it heals in its sleep. How? It produces and pulses out fresh human growth hormone. Cease from allowing the word “growth” fool; it also helps in healing the cells and tissues to have the person wake in the morning feeling great and refreshed. How to know if you need HGH therapy? Testing is the only way to know for sure, but as both men and women grow older, they stop producing as much growth hormone as they used to when they were in their 20s. So, with levels becoming low, they do not replenish at night and a person can certainly feel those effects when they wake groggy and not feeling well rested. It has been spoken that testosterone helps the body recover from work out, helps one to feel more confident and aggressive. The bottom line remains that it is the choice of each individual doctor as to whether or not they are going to prescribe HRT or testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Often times, as mentioned above, the two medications will be mixed. Getting these kinds of formulas from a specialist in the US remains the only safe way to ensure its purity and potency. What is better for me HGH therapy or testosterone therapy? The physician in charge will have all those answers after they scrutinize blood work and understand where a person’s growth hormone levels are; in range or out.

Is There A Difference Between HGH Therapy And Testosterone Therapy

It is very customary for people to think that HGH and testosterone are similar medications when prescribed by the right physician because they overlap in their ability to eliminate certain symptoms as people age. Is there a difference between HGH therapy and testosterone therapy? How does a person, male or female know whether they should use one type of treatment over another, or if they should be using them together? Firstly, it is chief to understand that both men and women need a certain amount of testosterone running through their systems. Women need much less then do men; however, they do need it nonetheless to function sexually to their liking. Since testosterone is deemed to be a sex hormone, which helps with desire, heightened libido and performance abilities, when it diminishes, both men and women will feel an absence of sexual yearning. Men may be unable to get erections and women will feel the symptoms of menopause much more strongly. Testosterone is accountable for keeping the pleasure receptors active and strong in both genders. What is better HGH therapy or testosterone therapy? Growth hormones also do play a part in sexual functioning and hold responsibility for waning sexual desire as levels drop. Testosterone can most definitely be what helps to give both sexes there libidos back and even turn their sex lives up many notches like it was when younger. However, a person must be diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency or a deficiency in their testosterone levels, called low T in order to be prescribed any of the authentic and top quality available medications for these conditions. Both testosterone and HGH injections taken at the right dosage under medical supervision can help with weight loss, muscle growth, hair growth, energy levels, endurance and cognitive functioning, just to name a few of the ailments they treat. How to know if you need testosterone therapy? The doctor in charge will make his or her decision as to whether or not a person is in need of treatment by examining blood work and diagnosing any deficiencies. The factors involved in helping the physician to make that choice will also be symptomatology, physical examination results and learning about past and present medical conditions.

What Are The Side Effects Of Growth Hormone Therapy

The pituitary gland is responsible for releasing pulses of HGH within the system. A person’s body composition is very sensitive to changes in this chemical compound. What are the side effects of growth hormone therapy? An article published in JAMA clearly stated that the secondary hormone, which is called insulin like growth factor – 1 (IGF – 1). It is produced by skeletal muscle and the liver primarily as a response to stimulation of the body’s natural production of growth hormones. The study demonstrated that when IGF – 1 becomes decreased with age, lean body mass, also decreases while excess body fat increases. The study also questioned how stress is related to GH depletion. This particular research was also confirmed by other references in regards to how change in body composition is very closely related to growth hormone deficiencies. If a patient is legitimately diagnosed by a licensed specialist and is about to begin HRT, they will learn what are the benefits of HGH therapy. After all, this is what they are seeking. The major advantages are:

  • Elevated energy levels
  • Lessened lethargy
  • Bursting sexual desire, interest and performance
  • Eliminated erectile dysfunction
  • Less hot flashes
  • Lower body fat
  • Higher muscle mass
  • Less cellulite
  • Less facial wrinkles
  • Stronger cognitive ability
  • Better memory
  • Stronger bones
  • Healthier heart
  • Stronger immune system
  • Quicker metabolism
  • Sharper eyesight
  • Faster regeneration of tissues and cells
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Less body pain
  • Loss of depression
  • Minimized anxiety
  • A better outlook on life

As one can see, treatment can affect every aspect of a person’s existence, including their physical, emotional, mental and sexual well being. Along with learning healthy lifestyle habits of how to treat the body with great care, there can be many long-term effects of HGH and testosterone therapy, as any HRT or TRT protocol should involve an education on natural ways to raise hormone levels.

What Is Better For Me HGH Therapy Or Testosterone Therapy

Asking questions of an advisor of a reputable clinic is the best way to get accurate answers to some of the most important inquiries one will make in their lifetime. When it comes to the mind and the body, no questions are off the table, including what is better for me HGH therapy or testosterone therapy? When a person is dealing with deciding to involve themselves in treatment to transform their lives in truly remarkable ways, he or she should be fully educated as to what they are about to embark upon in the months ahead of them. They should go into treatment with a positive attitude, confidence and a complete commitment to following the directives of their doctor exactly as outlined by their clinical advisor. In other words, they should follow their prescription exactly as written. The doctor in charge will decide by close examination of blood work and understanding the person’s body chemistry, body composition, symptomatology, current medical conditions and medical history what is better HGH therapy or testosterone therapy for that individual and unique patient. There truly is no way to tell which will be best without the proper testing being completed. It also would not be responsible, ethical or even legal to put a person on a treatment plan without having a fully comprehensive diagnostic screening. Therapy should only be conducted by licensed professionals who have complete knowledge of how hormones work within the body. They will only prescribe injections as opposed to supplements, enhancers or boosters, which are ineffective. Injections are administered directly into the bloodstream, where as supplements will be quickly metabolized by the stomach acids. The only time that injections are not used is when women are prescribed testosterone. Since females require very low dosages of this particular hormone, it will usually come in cream form. This is one of the differences of HGH vs testosterone replacement therapy. Men, however, will use testosterone through injection only.

The Benefits And Risks Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When working with a reputable clinic like Kingsberg HRT Clinic, it is common knowledge that only the best, top quality HGH and testosterone injections will be used. It is very important to pay attention to the benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy and HGH therapy as well so that only positive effects are gained with no negative issues. Injection should never be purchased from unknown vendors or from overseas. This is also a general consensus from professionals within the United States who use only brand name medications that they know to be 100 percent pure and authentic chemical compounds. They are made in only the top manufacturing pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Merck Serono and Sandoz. A person is putting their health at massive risk when they decide to purchase medications without being tested and from the black market or overseas. Is there a difference between HGH therapy and testosterone therapy medications and should both only be bought within the US? Absolutely! Any powerful and potent medication should be taken very seriously and never used illegally. Distributing, selling or using HGH is completely disobeying all governmental regulations that have been placed on this important medication. According to a large news source, prison time and fines of up to $250,000 can be imposed upon anyone disobeying the law when it comes to HRT medications. Not only are these hefty punishments, but the hazards that can occur from using the wrong dosages of medications that may not be needed by the body can be even worse. With the large number of websites selling HGH and testosterone, it is important to ensure one’s safety by only using a reputable clinic. There are plenty of fraudulent, knockoffs and fake injections being sold by scam artists. They are in the business to simply make money and do not care for the health of those they are scamming. The long-term effects of HGH and testosterone injections that are not real or may contain bacterial residue or any other chemical that is unknown to its users can be highly detrimental. Plainly put, no one truly knows what terrible effects using tainted medications can have on a person’s mind or body.

How To Know If You Need HGH Therapy

Due to the misuse and abuse of human growth hormone medications, the government has cracked down as well as they can (there is so much fake medication being sold over the Internet that cannot be regulated) in order to ensure the safety of those who truly need it due to a clinically diagnosed deficiency. Blood work is how to know if you need HGH therapy. It is very difficult to control what is sold over the Internet as websites are constantly coming and going, and quite often by the same company or people. They may set up shop on one website and then quickly get offline when they are caught selling fake products. They will then create a new website under a different name to continue selling to unsuspecting clients who truly need help. This sounds as terrible as it is. That is why it is imperative for any person who wishes to reap in the remarkable benefits that HGH therapy can give to work with a clinic that has been recommended and has a successful track record in helping those to change their lives for the better. The same goes for understanding that testosterone therapy vs HGH therapy are also only to be compared and participated in within the United States. This is where the government can step in if suspicious activity is happening. These companies that operate illegally online do so very carefully as to not get caught and to protect themselves from their own unlawful and criminal practice. They may make disclaimers upon their medications sold taking any responsibility for their purchase off of themselves. They will also make disclaimers on their website that may say “use at your own risk” and they do not do any testing. They leave it up to the clients to diagnose and even prescribe for themselves which is not right. Hormonal deficiencies must be diagnosed by professionals and treatment must be medically supervised by the same. An education will be given on everything involved in HRT, including what’s the difference between HGH and testosterone and professionals will answer any questions that clients have. It is so important for a patient to feel comfortable and have confidence in their treatment plans. They should know that they are putting their health into good hands with consummate professionals such as those who work with Kingsberg HRT Clinic.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Vs HGH

Unlike boxing in a ring, there is no competition between different kinds of HRT. What a person needs will be determined by their blood work only. They will share their symptoms and after a full physical checkup and medical history is examined, the doctor will determine testosterone replacement therapy vs HGH; which is best for the client. Making the decision, both physically, emotionally and financially to partake in HRT is a huge choice. A person must budget their finances in order to make sure that they are able to afford the best medications and professionals available. When making the judgment as to whether or not one should partake in therapy with a particular clinic, here is a quick overview of some questions to ask:

  • Do they have trained and licensed doctors diagnosing, prescribing and medically supervising?
  • Is the clinic fairly priced based on dosage prescribed, the length of time the client will be using the medication and the kind of medication they will be given?
  • Do they require medical testing for all of their patients?
  • Do they have clinical advisors who are knowledgeable, compassionate and available when needed?
  • Do their professionals answer questions such as what are the side effects of growth hormone therapy?
  • Will they be provided several options and be part of a team ruling on whether or not HRT will be overall beneficial for their health and well being?

The only way to get the best experience with HRT is by using a clinic that answers yes to every one of the bullet points mentioned above. Kingsberg HRT Clinic is available for any perspective client who believes that they may be dealing with a hormonal deficiency that is affecting their lives in very detrimental ways. HRT can be extremely safe and healthy. It can help a person to feel as strong and as youthful as they did when they were in their 20s.What are the benefits of HGH therapy? One thing is for sure, they are very plentiful and should be experienced by anyone who is clinically deficient in the most important hormones that the body produces and needs in order to live a life full of quality.

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