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HGH Therapy vs Testosterone Therapy

HGH Therapy vs Testosterone Therapy

It is a very common discussion that doctors and clients have; which HRT treatment will benefit the patient the best. Herein stands the debate of HGH therapy vs testosterone therapy. The very first step in the decision of what kind of treatment will help the client in the most expeditious, safe and effective way is to have that person comprehensively tested through blood work and a physical examination. A full family and personal medical history will also be taken online through a secure connection between the person’s computer and the clinic of choice. With all of these elements to take into consideration, an HRT physician is responsible for making the best decision how to know if you need HGH therapy or testosterone replacement. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study that compared the effects of HGH and testosterone on muscular growth and strength and body composition in mature men. The other part of the research tracked the efficacy of HGH usage alone and in combination with testosterone enanthate for improving body physique. The subjects were low in both of these hormone levels to begin with, and replacement of both resulted in the subjects benefitting the most from the usage of the combination. Significant changes in increased lean body mass and less body fat became apparent. In this case, the debate of HGH vs testosterone replacement therapy was nullified because the combination was the best for the study’s participants. These results were of particular interest because the subjects did not change their exercise or dietary habits at all. After a six month treatment protocol, improvements were seen in their physical performance, including both endurance and stamina, too. The overall results of the study were a very good indicator, putting aside what’s the difference between HGH and testosterone, that in combination, they work very well with the aging man experiencing depletion.

What is Better HGH Therapy or Testosterone Therapy?

What kind of therapy will be best to rid of the ill symptoms of the aging process? What is better HGH therapy or testosterone therapy? Firstly, HRT is only legal for those who have a bona fide medical necessity due to abnormally low levels of HGH or low T. The only studies that should be acknowledged are the ones that are geared towards those with deteriorating levels of the vital human growth hormones that are needed to keep people healthy and strong. There are a plethora of research studies that have been published in the most reputable medical journals that are extremely promising for the efficacy of HRT. What is a better protocol of treatment for a client will depend upon the results of their comprehensive blood work and physical examination. What needs to be determined is which hormones are depleted within their bodies and what their symptoms are. Is there a difference between HGH therapy and testosterone therapy? Yes, but there is no difference in the level of danger a person can put themselves in if they are not under the supervision of a licensed, qualified healthcare professional who has written a prescription for the correct medications. Most clients who follow a doctor’s orders for treatment do not experience any negative side effects at all. On the other hand, those who purchase HGH or testosterone on the black market or without a prescription from a doctor, clinic, personal trainer, health food store or other is partaking in an unlawful act, which is actually a felony offense. The benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy need to be discussed with the clinical advisor before therapy begins. As previously mentioned, risks are minimal to very rare when therapy is supervised by a licensed professional. However, on the other hand, they can be quite large if HRT is not done legally.

What is Better for Me … HGH Therapy or Testosterone Therapy?

The results of the JAMA studies confirm the effectiveness of HGH and testosterone in combination for reducing body fat and they documented that there were no known negative side effects from treatment. So, how does one know what is better for me HGH therapy or testosterone therapy? Only a licensed doctor can give that answer based on individual test results, symptoms, body chemistry, medical history and age. Either one or a combination of both forms of treatment can prove extremely effective with medical supervision. Journal articles have indicated time and again that HRT is very effective in promoting quality of life. One article in particular pointed out that proactive treatment once symptoms arise is best rather than treating the issues once severe deficiency or disease occurs. HRT has promising effects for the extending the longevity of life due to diminishing the risk of certain diseases such as coronary heart failure, diabetes and stroke. What are the benefits of HGH therapy? The aforementioned are just some of the amazing advantages that this kind of treatment has on the human body. Other benefits are:

  • A stronger metabolism for weight loss
  • A heightened sexual drive, ability to fantasize and become aroused easily
  • Better sleep patterns with hours of uninterrupted slumber
  • Stronger skin elasticity for less wrinkles and tighter skin
  • Avoiding the creation of brittle bones causing osteoporosis
  • More acute mental cognition for better memory and focus
  • Extreme amounts of energy and zest
  • Greater stamina and endurance
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Decreased triglyceride levels
  • Shorter recovery time after exercise
  • Organ growth
  • Sharper eyesight

The list of benefits goes on and on, but what are the side effects of growth hormone therapy? The best part of HRT is that the patient rarely has to worry about any risks when they are under medical supervision using a doctor’s prescription after proper testing is been completed.

What are the Side Effects of Growth Hormone Therapy?

Above, we have discussed some of the most common advantages to partaking in HRT. Some symptoms that patients experience from low HGH or low T, such as hair loss, can cause self esteem issues, but most likely nothing life threatening. Let us now look at what are the side effects of growth hormone therapy that could potentially elongate or even save a person’s life from a threatening condition or disease? The Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy journal published an article discussing the great interest in hormone replacement therapy with HGH and testosterone as an adjunctive therapy for patients with advanced heart failure. This is mainly due to the discovery that   low GH and low T have been associated with amplified mortality and morbidity in patients with heart conditions. To date, growth hormone and testosterone therapy have shown positive benefits, even though the study did say that long-term effects of HGH and testosterone need to be studied further. Even with that said, no literature to date has shown concern for negative effects now or in the future for those who are partaking in HRT under the proper conditions. Again, this is referring to therapy that is done under medical supervision with a licensed and reputable doctor or clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic in charge. Of course, it is best to avoid developing heart or other organ issues by lowering cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in the first place. This can be done with the aid of HRT if the high levels are caused by a medically determined deficiency. How to know if you need testosterone therapy? By getting one’s IGF-1 level tested through blood work, a doctor can determine if a person is dealing with low T. Most likely, a person will contact an HRT clinic if they are educated as to the symptomatology of low HGH or testosterone levels. The best time to seek treatment is at the initial onset of symptoms. Instead of allowing the body to deplete its hormones more and more, early in detection and treatment is best, as it is for any medical condition. Blood testing will determine HGH therapy vs testosterone therapy; which is best for the patient. As previously noted, sometimes a combination of both is the greatest decision to reap the most positive results, but that can only be determined by the licensed doctor on the case.

Long-Term Effects of HGH and Testosterone

One journal article in particular that was published in a medical journal advocated for the safety and sole use of HRT under legal conditions only. It shared that the long-term effects of HGH and testosterone can be quite devastating for those who abuse these medications, use them without a prescription or buy them off of the black market. However, on the other hand, they advocated greatly for the use of these best medications under medical supervision for a true medical deficiency. The article wished to make it very clear that using these potent medications without a true medical need can not only cause financial loss, but also very physical and psychological damage. Using a clinic such as Kingsberg HRT Clinic that does full comprehensive testing to determine deficiencies and not only diagnose, prescribe and medically supervise, but also teach lifestyle changes for natural hormonal production is the way to go for optimal health results. The question is not what is better HGH therapy or testosterone therapy because the doctor will determine what the patient needs, but the better information to gather is how to use these medications exactly as prescribed for the safest and healthiest experience. Changing lifestyle habits such as eating well, sleeping enough, reducing stress levels, exercising regularly, drinking alcoholic beverages moderately and staying away from smoking is of ultimate importance for the best results. The benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy will also be fully explained by any reputable clinic so that the client feels completely comfortable before beginning therapy. Patients will also get all their questions and concerns addressed if and as they come up throughout the course of treatment. This is how the best clinics for HRT work and the only ones that should be used by those in need.

What are the Side Effects of Growth Hormone Therapy?

Taking the time to self educate and learn what are the side effects of growth hormone therapy is a great idea so that a client knows what to expect when partaking in HRT. Overall, being a highly educated consumer is what will ultimately lead a person to the best possible health when undergoing treatment. A reputable clinic will always be completely transparent with the way they work and in answering client questions and addressing patient concerns as therapy begins, progresses and ends. Simply put, make sure the clinic of choice is highly recommended, comes with a wonderful reputation, testimonials, reviews and a successful track record. They will be able to answer the questions about what’s the difference between HGH and testosterone until a client feels most comfortable to begin treatment. It is very understood that many wish to use HRT for weight loss, sexual enhancement and muscle growth, but unless there is a true medical deficiency and a person has low HGH or low T, this kind of treatment is not for them. In conclusion, not only is it illegal, but it can cause great damage to the body in many different ways. Kingsberg HRT Clinic will weed out those who are deceptive in their intentions for HRT from those who have a medical necessity for it. They will determine how to know if you need HGH therapy through thorough testing; the kind that is required by all legitimate clinics including blood work, medical exam and history. They will then have their licensed doctors diagnose and prescribe the correct medications and dosages to help those in need to gain quality of life well into their golden years and beyond.

HGH vs Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As people age past 30, often hormonal changes take over and discernibly inhibit physical, emotional, mental and sexual functioning. So, HGH vs testosterone replacement therapy; which might be best for someone going through this change in life? The noticeable outer appearance of an average middle aged person can show increased belly fat and shrinkage of muscle mass. They can start to feel emotionally unstable, irritable and moody. They can lose their desire for sexual relations and intimacy. They can begin forgetting and have a difficult time with their concentration, focus and memory. These are all very hallmark effects of hormone imbalances; however, not all primary care physicians see it that way. Bad feelings that can manifest as depression are common psychological complications of hormonal imbalances too, making life relatively unbearable. Is there a difference between HGH therapy and testosterone therapy to help these issues? That is a great question that we believe has been answered. Only a licensed doctor in endocrinology or a similar field can determine the answer after testing is completed. Until recently, these hormone changes were strictly credited to getting on in age and people were expected to just accept that fact and live with the discomfort of the degenerative process. Not anymore. A remarkable amount of research has strongly indicated that HRT can ward off many of the diseases and issues that hormone deficient clients experience. Symptoms such as depression, fatigue, weight gain, bad attitude, poor mental cognition, erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, weak bones and more can now be directly correlated with low HGH or low T. How to know if you need testosterone therapy is something that is important to find out before beginning any other type of treatment that may use chemically filled drugs. If the possibility exists that hormonal deficiencies are the cause of a patient’s ailments, ranges can be balanced with natural medications. Unfortunately, for too many years, patients suffered because conventional doctors only prescribed man made drugs to treat depression, high cholesterol and a plethora of other diseases that very well could have been the result of an underlying hormone imbalance. After learning what are the benefits of HGH therapy and the importance of checking blood levels to see if GH or testosterone levels are off, doctors began eliminating symptoms by adjusting hormone levels to fit the profile of a healthy person of the patient’s age.

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