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Testosterone Deficiency Signs and Symptoms in Adults

Testosterone Deficiency Signs and Symptoms in Adults

Women are used to bodily changes associated with menopause, in fact, they typically recognize these changes right away, but that is not always the case with men who know less about andropause and hypogonadism. Luckily, when you know what to look for, the testosterone deficiency signs and symptoms in adults are easy to spot.

From fatigue to physical weakness, loss of sexual desire to mental fog, the changes can affect many daily functions. Many adults report lack of drive, decreased productivity, and a reduced quality of life. This is not how the golden years should be spent – especially if you are only in your thirties or forties.

The signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency often mimic other medical conditions and even hormonal imbalances, such as growth hormone deficiency, low progesterone levels, estrogen dominance or decline, leukemia, anemia, and more. That is why it is crucial that you undergo blood analysis with an experienced hormone specialist to determine the precise cause of your symptoms. That is how you get the best treatment and results.

The recognizable signs of testosterone deficiency in adults include:
Fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy Reduced endurance, stamina Loss of lean muscle mass
Decreased strength Impaired cognitive functions Trouble concentrating
Memory loss Reduced bone mineral density Low sex drive/libido
Erectile dysfunction Vaginal dryness Hair thinning or balding
Depression Anxiety Mood swings
Weight gain/slow metabolism Night sweats Hot flashes
High LDL cholesterol Increased triglyceride levels Joint pains, stiffness
Social isolation Type 2 diabetes Cardiovascular disease
Osteoporosis Dementia High blood pressure

Kingsberg HRT Clinic knows that these testosterone deficiency signs can affect your life in many ways, both professionally and personally. That is why we are here to help provide testing and treatment for adults throughout the US.

Impact of Testosterone Deficiency on Males

The warning signs of testosterone deficiency in males can clearly have an adverse impact on one’s life. Men often take pride in their sexual prowess. Losing erectile functions and sex drive can negatively impact a man’s perception of his masculinity. The effect on a personal relationship can be devastating. If communication is not open and honest with a partner, thoughts of infidelity, unhappiness in the relationship, and discord may lead to divorce.

In the workplace, the numerous testosterone deficiency signs and symptoms can affect productivity, drive, motivation, performance, and attitude. Loss of income and job can lead to further depression.

Do not let these testosterone deficiency signs and symptoms in adults lead to problems in your life. Low T is easy to correct. Our hormone specialists will determine your issue and prescribe the appropriate treatment to balance your hormone levels and reverse the symptoms you feel are affecting your life.

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Effects of Testosterone Deficiency on Females

Females who suffer from Low T do not always realize that their mood swings, memory loss, lack of sexual desire, and hot flashes are caused by low testosterone levels.

Most women do not think about Low T at all. At menopause, estrogen is often the first thought – but do not rush into asking your OB/GYN for estrogen replacement therapy. That may not be what you need. The recommendation for women at this stage of life is to contact a hormone replacement therapy specialist who can better detect and treat the signs of testosterone deficiency in females.

When testosterone levels decline, a condition called estrogen dominance often occurs. This means that estrogen levels are higher than usual and are unopposed by testosterone and progesterone. Weight gain is one of the most common testosterone deficiency signs and symptoms in adults, and belly fat produces an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone into estradiol. This form of estrogen further increases fat retention, worsening this hormonal imbalance.

As weight increases, testosterone levels further decline. Estrogen therapy increases estrogen levels even more. That may not be the ideal form of treatment. Blood analysis must always be used before any type of hormone replacement therapy begins. That is the only way to ensure proper hormonal balance.

To learn more about testosterone deficiency symptoms and treatment, and how to arrange for blood testing at a lab near you, please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic. You can complete the short form on this page or call us at (954) 800-5590 for a free consultation with a hormone specialist.