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Humatrope Administration, Dosage, and Instructions for Use

Humatrope Administration

Adult Humatrope administration is for the reversal of symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. Humatrope should not be taken under these circumstances:

  • Life-threatening breathing difficulties
  • Serious complications following abdominal or open-heart surgery, or severe injury
  • Active malignancy
  • Allergy to any Humatrope ingredients
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Diabetic retinopathy

The guidelines below detail how to use a Humatrope pen as well as Humatrope vial preparation.

Here are some crucial facts about Humatrope instruction:

  • Always wash hands thoroughly with water and soap and dry with a clean towel before preparing and administering Humatrope HGH
  • Examine the medication before each use – check for expiration date, crystals, particles, and discoloration
  • Place all supplies and medications on a clean work surface
  • Gather all supplies before getting started
  • Administer HGH to the abdomen – slightly above and to the side of the belly button, alternating sides each day
  • Remove Humatrope from the refrigerator 10 minutes before use

You are now ready to learn how to use Humatrope injections.

Determining the Dosage of Humatrope HGH for Adults

Your prescribed Humatrope dosage is determined based on your weight, age, height, gender, and level of deficiency. Some people may receive a starting Humatrope pen dosage of 0.2 mg per day. Gradual increasing increments of 0.1 to 0.2 mg may be used in some instances. Individuals over sixty typically receive lowering starting doses with slow increases to allow their bodies time to adjust to the change in growth hormone levels.

Do not attempt to adjust or determine the Humatrope dosage for adults without proper medical guidance. Blood analysis is crucial to an accurate dosage.

Proper Humatrope administration results in superior results to reverse the symptoms of adult HGH deficiency. An incorrect dosage will either not provide the desired results or will bring unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

Humatrope Instructions for Use

Humatrope vials are an economical way to receive a superior brand of HGH injections at an affordable price. Here are detailed Humatrope mixing instructions for vials containing lyophilized (freeze-dried) HG powder:

  • Remove Humatrope and sterile solution vial caps and wipe both rubber stoppers with an alcohol wipe – let air dry
  • Remove and set aside needle cap from mixing syringe and insert needle tip into center of sterile solution – invert the vial allowing the liquid to cover the needle, then pull back the plunger filling syringe with instructed fluid volume
  • Remove needle from sterile solution and set vial aside
  • Insert needle into Humatrope vial and tilt needle to the side so that the fluid runs down the vial side as you push in the plunger – emptying syringe before removing and recapping needle
  • Rotate HGH vial in a circular motion to mix solution – do not shake
  • Discard capped needle and mixing syringe in Sharps container

Here are the mixing instructions for how to use Humatrope cartridge for 6, 12, and 24 mg pens:

  • Remove cover from diluent syringe bottom
  • With the triangles pointing up, hold the Humatrope cartridge in one hand while inserting it all the way straight up into the diluent syringe without twisting
  • Firmly hold the combined unit in your hands and gently depress the plunger two or three times with your thumb emptying all the diluent into the cartridge
  • Release plunger and separate cartridge from syringe
  • With cap held firmly on a firm surface, push the syringe into the cap and discard as directed
  • Gently and slowly rotate cartridge back and forth a minimum of ten times to mix the solution – let sit for three minutes to continue dissolving process – do not shake HGH at any time (if crystals or particles are still present after three minutes, gently rotate cartridge a few more times)
  • Remove cap from HumatroPen to expose screw and attach white tip of cartridge to the screw before pushing them together and turning the unit to screw it into place
  • Take a fresh injection needle and remove the paper tab from the outer edge before securely screwing it onto the cartridge
  • Remove outer and inner needle caps and save the outer cap for recapping
  • The prepared cartridges must be primed by dialing clockwise, holding the pen unit straight up, and using your thumb to push the injection button until a Humatrope stream exits the needle – hold for 5 seconds

Priming dosage: 1.25 mg for 6 mg pen
2.5 mg for 12 mg pen
5.0 mg for 24 mg pen

After completing Humatrope pen instruction for preparation or reconstitution of HGH vial, you may proceed with the injection.

You will prepare the injection site by wiping with a new alcohol swab and allow to air dry before proceeding.

Humatrope injection instructions for vial use:

  • Uncover and set aside cap from a new insulin syringe needle and insert the needle tip into the Humatrope HGH vial
  • Invert the vial covering the needle tip with the HGH solution and pull back the plunger to fill with the prescribed dosage
  • Remove needle and insert into prepared abdominal area
  • Push plunger in carefully until syringe is empty
  • Remove from skin and recap needle before discarding syringe in Sharps container

Here are instructions for how to use Humatrope pen:

  • Turn pen knob clockwise to dial prescribed dosage
  • Uncap needle and set aside cap for recovering before inserting needle into the prepared skin
  • Position thumb on injection button and push down and hold for five seconds
  • Check that pen dose window shows 0 before removing needle
  • Recap needle, remove from pen, and discard needle in Sharps container

Always replace Humatrope in the refrigerator following use.

Please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic for additional information about humatrope administration.

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