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Genotropin Administration and Instructions for Use

Genotropin Administration

Genotropin HGH is a prescription medication for the treatment of human growth hormone deficiency. Genotropin administration is subcutaneous, meaning under the skin. Do not inject Genotropin intravenously.

Adults with declined growth hormone production may benefit from Genotropin HGH to reverse any symptoms associated with this condition. Genotropin use in adults should always be prescribed and supervised by an experienced hormone specialist.

This Genotropin guide contains useful information about HGH therapy for adults, including:

  • Where to Inject Genotropin – HGH administration is to the abdominal area. Choose a location slightly above and to the left or right of the belly button, alternating sides each day.
  • When to Inject Genotropin – Genotropin HGH may be administrated first thing in the morning or before bed. Taking your Genotropin daily dose in the morning often provides increased energy for the day. Injecting Genotropin before bed gives it time to work the way HGH naturally does during sleep. Discuss the options with your hormone advisor to determine which best suits your needs.
  • Genotropin Storage – Store Genotropin HGH in the refrigerator. Place the Genotropin Pen in its protective case for storage. The Genotropin MiniQuick may be stored unmixed at room temperature up to three months.

Determining Genotropin Dosage

The doctor will determine your Genotropin dosage after reviewing your blood test and physical exam results. The level of severity of your symptoms will also be considered. How much Genotropin to use is typically weight based, utilizing height, age, gender, and blood level results in the process.

Some people may begin with a lower Genotropin dosage. Adults over 60 or those with underlying health problems may start out with a lower dose. Dosing will then increase slowly until the desired amount of HGH is reached. The doctor will monitor the individual to avoid adverse reactions.

A weight-based regimen is also counter-indicated for those individuals who are dealing with obesity. The higher calculated dosage of HGH could increase the risk of side effects. The doctor will likely start out with a lower Genotropin dose.

The dose of HGH may be decreased if Genotropin administration leads to any adverse reactions. The dosage change allows the body to reverse the side effects and stabilize the increased growth hormone levels. After that, the doctor will gradually increase the Genotropin HGH dosage back to the prescribed amount.

Step by Step Genotropin Administration Instructions

Before administering Pfizer Genotropin, how to use instructions begin with these warnings:

  • Gather all supplies to a clean work area
  • Examine Genotropin for discoloration, particles, crystals, and expiration date – do not use if any of these issues are present
  • Wash hands with soap and water and dry with a clean towel

The overall Genotropin route of administration is the same. You will always clean the injection site with a fresh alcohol swab and allow to air dry before proceeding.

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Instructions for Genotropin MiniQuick:

  • Open Genotropin MiniQuick package and clean rubber stopper with an alcohol swab
  • Peel seal from injection needle back and attach needle to MiniQuick by pushing down and turning clockwise until it stops
  • Point the Genotropin MiniQuick needle up and turn plunger rod clockwise all the way to mix the HGH solution
  • Never shake the Genotropin MiniQuick – when the solution is clear and fully dissolved you may continue
  • Remove the outer needle cover and the inner needle cover if not using the needle guard
  • If you are using the needle guard, attach it after removing the outer cover then remove the inner guard
  • Pinch the prepared skin and push needle straight down at a 90-degree angle
  • Push in the plunger all the way until the MiniQuick is empty – remove the needle from the skin
  • The needle guard must be removed before recapping the needle and disposing of the syringe in the Sharps container

How to use Genotropin Pen 5 and 12 mg:

  • Attach the needle to the pen by pulling off the front cap and unscrewing the plastic body from the metal front part
  • Peel foil from needle and push then screw it onto the metal front part
  • Open a new HGH cartridge, checking that cartridge color matches pen color
  • Insert cartridge up into metal front part – metal cap first and push firmly into place
  • To pop up the injection button press the red release button
  • Rotate injection button the opposite way of the arrows as far as it will go to draw back the plunger
  • The plunger should not be visible through the window
  • With the needle firmly attached, hold the pen upright and screw the plastic body and metal front part back together – the HGH powder and diluent mix together at this time
  • Tip the pen gently from side to side until the powder fully dissolves and no particles are seen
  • Remove outer and inner needle covers, setting aside outer cover for recapping
  • Remove trapped air by turning injection button until white and black marks line up then point needle up and tap metal with your finger until air bubbles move to the top
  • Push in injection button until a drop of HGH solution appears
  • Press red release button to reset pen and turn injection button to prescribed dose
  • Pinch area of prepared injection site skin and insert needle at a 90-degree angle
  • Push injection button until you hear a click and wait 5 seconds before removing needle from skin
  • Recover and remove needle before discarding in Sharps container
  • Replace pen cap and store Genotropin HGH in its protective case in the refrigerator

For additional questions about Genotropin administration, please contact Kingsberg HRT Clinic. Consultations are confidential and provided at no charge.